PEOPLE 3000 3rd workshop: Human Paleo-biogeography and the Synchrony of Social-Ecological Systems on Earth

20.05 - 24.05.2019  
Vernal, Utah, USA
Contact person:
Erick Robinson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PAGES' PEOPLE 3000 working group will hold a workshop, titled "Human Paleo-biogeography and the Synchrony of Social-Ecological Systems on Earth" from 20-24 May 2019 in Vernal, Utah, USA.


Dinosaur National Monument, Vernal, Utah, USA.


The number of participants will be limited to approximately 20-25 people.


The PEOPLE 3000 working group focuses on integrating archaeological and paleoecological case studies with mathematical modeling. We seek to understand how co-evolving human societies and ecosystems can successfully cope with the interrelated forces of population growth, increasing social complexity and climate change, and why some societies subsequently collapse/reorganize.

This workshop builds on from work done at two previous PAGES-funded workshops: the first (held in Logan, Utah, USA, in 2016) was titled "The Coevolution of Climate, Population, and Food Systems in North and South America" and the second (held in Los Reyunos, Argentina, in May 2018) was titled "Social Complexity and Climate Change, and Why Societies Fail to Cope with these Interrelated Forces and Collapse/Reorganize".

Workshop aims

This third workshop will serve four aims in our working group:

1. Expand our network to include case studies beyond North and South America, such as Northern Africa, East Asia, and Europe. This will enable us to expand the application of the theoretical and methodological deliverables we have developed in this project to other social and ecological contexts.

2. Facilitate the incorporation of more ECRs into the working group, with skill sets that greatly enhance the working group.

3. Enable further work to build multiple archaeological and paleoclimatological proxy datasets in our original case study regions in North and South America.

4. Build on synergies between PEOPLE 3000 and the LandUse6k portion of LandCover6k that were initiated at the LandCover6k workshop in Sitges, Spain, in 2018.

The focus of this workshop is based on two recent outputs from PEOPLE 3000. The first is a paper in PNAS titled "Synchronization of Energy Consumption by Human Societies throughout the Holocene". The second is currently in review with Nature Communications, and is titled "The Optimal Species Richness Environments for Human Populations". These papers highlight how our working group is producing deliverables to develop a new long-term and interdisciplinary perspective on human paleo-biogeography throughout the world by our development of new theory and method for dealing with archaeological and paleoecological datasets.


Details and deadlines for registration will be provided as soon as possible.

Financial support

PAGES has provided some funding for the attendance of early-career researchers and scientists from developing countries. Details on how and when to apply will be provided as soon as possible.

Further information

Contact the meeting organizer Erick Robinson: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Workshop website:

Plans are underway to disseminate the knowledge gained from the working group beyond academic audiences via a PEOPLE 3000 blog, led by Molly Cannon.