Postdoc positions in paleoecology - Prague, Czech Republic

One postdoctoral researcher and one PhD candidate or postdoctoral researcher are sought to join the team within the Forest Dynamics Lab of the Department of Forest Ecology, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic.

The project is titled "Temperate mountain forest dynamics: their long-term drivers and diversity at the continentality gradient".

Project description

Projected climate change, with increasing disturbances and extensive human impact, place temperate montane forests (TMF) under pressure and it is uncertain how these ecosystems will respond to these changes. Paleoecological data (e.g. sedimentary fossil pollen, charcoal, plant and insect remains) provide means to assess long-term change in TMF in relation to the changes in climate and disturbance regime.

Due to the lack of knowledge on long-term (millennial) forest change at the continentality gradient, we will investigate TMF dynamics and its drivers in three distinct biogeographical regions in Central Eastern Europe. By using high resolution, interdisciplinary multiproxy approach we expect to detect different disturbance factors driving TMF change (including fire), and determine their long-term diversity change under different climate conditions and disturbance regimes. Findings of this project will have crucial role for understanding the future climate-driven vegetation change, which still lacks broader continentality scales from the past.

Despite the long history of land-use extensive remnants of primary mountain forests can be still found from the Carpathian mountain range. The large sub-continental region covered by the current research project includes the two dominant forest types in Europe, Norway spruce and mixed broad-leaf forests dominated by European beech. Therefore, fieldwork for the project will be conducted in Vihorlat National Park in Slovakia and in Synevir National Park in western Ukraine.

Job description

The selected candidates will be expected to work independently. Responsibilities of one of the postdocs will predominantly be conducting fossil insect, and depending the candidates expertise pollen or macrofossil, analysis, data handling and manuscript preparation. Responsibilities of the PhD candidate/postdoc will be mainly conducting charcoal analysis and subsequent analysis of disturbance histories.

Analysis will be conducted on a series of terrestrial and lacustrine sediments from Carpathian mountains (Vihorlat National park, Slovakia and Synevir Mational Park, Ukraine).

The successful candidates are expected to participate in the fieldwork, if possible. She/he will work as part of a multi-disciplinary research project and their data will be statistically analysed, will contribute to a series of research questions and published in high impact scientific journals. The successful candidates will have an interest in paleoecology and past environmental and climate change.

You will join a young and energetic research team with close collaborations with international partners. Opportunities exist for international exchange visits and meetings.


- A graduate degree or postgraduate masters in a relative discipline (e.g. geography, geology, biology or environmental science)
- Expertise in fossil insect identification and entomology (one postdoc position)
- Knowledge or motivation of learning palynological working methods including laboratory preparation, microscope analysis, and multivariate data analysis (postdoc/PhD candidate)
- Good written and spoken English skills
- The ability to work as part of a larger research team and the potential to develop as an independent researcher.

Applicants should have a PhD or date for the graduation (at the time of hire) in environmental or related sciences (biology, ecology, geography, forest sciences), and excellent English communication and writing skills on the level of a native speaker is essential.


Salary for the postdoc: 45 500 CZK based on the previous experience and performance. We offer two 2.5-year positions. The starting monthly salary represents double of the median salary in the Czech Republic. To compare living costs see here:


Applicants should provide a short statement outlining why they believe themselves to be suitable for the above position. Please attach a CV listing skills and qualifications, a list of publications and contact information of two references, one being the current or most recent employer.

Positions will remain open until filled. Please send applications as soon as possible to Niina Kuosmanen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Further information

Questions can be emailed to Niina Kuosmanen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.