PhD position, LA-ICPMS U-Pb carbonate dating, Dublin, Ireland

The Department of Geology at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, seeks applicants for a fully-funded four-year PhD in U-Pb LA-ICPMS carbonate dating.

The approach involves image mapping by laser-ablation quadrupole-ICPMS, which can circumvent the problems of low U contents and/or high initial Pb in calcite/dolomite by identifying zones of high U/Pb ratio. U-Pb ages are generated from these LA-ICPMS image maps and where there is a sufficient spread in U/Pb age ratio, age uncertainties as low as ±1% can be obtained. A post-doctoral researcher has already commenced method development work on this project.

The successful candidate will apply these U-Pb dating techniques to carbonate unknowns. Dating targets include:

- Carbonates associated with key time intervals in Earth history, particularly those associated with ancient climatic changes (e.g. Neoproterozoic carbonate sequences in Namibia);
- Dating carbonate veins and cements in carbonate-hosted ore bodies such as the Irish Pb-Zn orefield;
- Vein calcite which constrains the timing of deformation in deformed carbonate successions (the Alps, Irish Variscan);
- Constraining the timing of reservoir-degrading cementation events in hydrocarbon basins (removal of porosity by diagenetic calcite).


Experience of independent geological fieldwork and laboratory work are highly advantageous.


The successful candidate will join a vibrant geochemistry group at Trinity College Dublin comprising seven principal investigators, seven post-doctoral researchers and over twenty PhD students.

The department has 2 LA-ICPMS instruments, a dedicated solution-ICPMS facility with a clean laboratory along with full mineral separation and sample preparation facilities. (

The position is fully funded for four years and includes a tax-free stipend of €18,000/year along with full provision for fees, together with conference travel, laboratory and field work costs.


Applications are invited from highly-motivated and high-achieving geoscience graduates with a first or an upper second class division first degree (or equivalent) and who have been ordinarily resident in the EU/EEA/Swiss Confederation for a minimum of the last three years.

To apply, please send a full CV and contact details for three academic referees, together with a letter of motivation, to Dr David Chew at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from whom further particulars may also be requested.

The deadline for applications is 20 April 2017 for a 1 September 2017 start.

Applications received after this deadline can only be evaluated if the position is not filled.