C-SIDE special issue open

C SIDESubmissions are now being accepted to the PAGES' Cycles of Sea-Ice Dynamics in the Earth system (C-SIDE) working group special issue of Climate of the Past.

"Reconstructing Southern Ocean sea-ice dynamics on glacial-to-historical timescales" will be edited by Karen Kohfeld, Xavier Crosta, Alice Marzocchi, Juliane Müller, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, and Laurie Menviel.

The deadline for submission is 31 December 2021, extendable if necessary.

Papers are invited on the topics of (a) new sea-ice reconstructions in the Southern Ocean using new and established proxies of changes in sea ice; (b) regional compilations of changes in sea-ice distributions during the last glacial–interglacial cycle; (c) studies comparing (new and published) sea-ice records with complementary records of changes in circulation, temperature, and nutrient or carbon cycling; and (d) model analysis and model–data comparison papers that provide insights into the key processes linking Southern Ocean sea-ice changes with ice sheet, atmosphere, and ocean dynamics, as well as biogeochemical cycling in the ocean.

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