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Meet in Zaragoza old town at Plaza del Pilar
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Keynote talk: Mike Evans
Chair: María Eugenia de Porras
Breakout report
Chair: Marie-France Loutre
Oral sessions: YSM02
Chair: Sheri Fritz
Buses leave for Morillo de Tou
Coffee break
Coffee break
Oral session: YSM01
Chair: Katrin Meissner

Oral session: YSM03
Chair: Willy Tinner
Oral session: YSM05
Chair 12:00-13:00: Hubertus Fischer
Oral session: YSM04
Chair: Mike Evans
followed by
Oral session: YSM06
Chair: Ilham Bouimetarhan
Poster session
Chair: Rafael Domingo Martínez
Workshop 3: Data
Chair: Lucien von Gunten
Welcome by PAGES, Local Organizing Committee members and GeoPark representative
Chair: Marie-France Loutre & Blas Valero-Garcés
Bus to Ainsa
Keynote talk: Sheri Fritz
Chair: Keely Mills
Coffee break
Ainsa visit
Coffee break
Workshop 1: Funding
Chair: Sheri Fritz
Poster session
Chair: Rafael Domingo Martínez
Workshop 2: Scientific communications
Chair: Willy Tinner
Bus leaves to Zaragoza for OSM
Breakout groups
Take luggage to room etc
Ice-breaker party (starts 20:30)
Welcome reception OSM
Night Sky Observation
Live Folk Music
Dulzaineros del Bajo Aragon


Program components

Invited lecturers

Sherilyn Fritz, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA

Mike Evans, University of Maryland - College Park, USA

Read more about the invited lecturers here.

Scientific sessions

The session program is structured around the themes and integrative activities that constitute the PAGES Science Structure. There will be poster and oral presentations.



Each talk will be allocated 15 minutes, which includes 3 minutes for discussion. Additional details here.

Oral presentations

YSM01: Climate system dynamics - Monday 8 May

11:00 Causes of ice-age intensification across the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
Thomas B. Chalk, Mathis P. Hain, Gavin L. Foster, Eelco J. Rohling, Marcus P.S. Badger, Soraya G. Cherry, Adam P. Hasenfratz, Gerald H. Haug, Samuel L. Jaccard, Alfredo Martínez-García, Heiko Pälike, Richard D. Pancost, Philip F. Sexton and Paul A. Wilson
Presented by: Thomas B. Chalk

11:15 Mean ocean temperature evolution in the past 40,000 years from ice core noble gas thermometry
Daniel Baggenstos, Marcel Häberli, Thomas Kellerhals, Jochen Schmitt and Hubertus Fischer
Presented by: Daniel Baggenstos

11:30 Sea-surface temperatures during Dansgaard-Oeschger events 5-8, a model-data integration study
Mari F. Jensen, Aleksi Nummelin, Søren B. Nielsen, Henrik Sadatzki, Evangeline Sessford, Carin Andersson, Bjørg Risebrobakken and Andreas Born
Presented by: Mari F. Jensen

11:45 Instant responses of Indian Ocean monsoon to high-latitude northern Atlantic during the last 16 ka
Sakonvan Chawchai, Hao-Cheng Wang, Ludvig Löwemark, Akkaneewut Chabangborn, Barbara Wohlfarth, Xiu-Yang Jiang, Hong-Chun Li, Ryu Uemura, Liu Guangxin, Xiangfeng Wang, Liangcheng Tan, Chang Yong-Bing, Chung-Che Wu and Chuan-Chou Shen
Presented by: Sakonvan Chawchai

12:00 2k climate variability: the central western Mediterranean from speleothems and marine sediments
M. Cisneros, I. Cacho, J. Frigola, M.Canals, A. Sànchez-Vidal, A. Moreno, H. Stoll, R. L. Edwards, H. Cheng and J. J. Fornós
Presented by: M. Cisneros

12:15 Linking explosive 19th century volcanoes with wild storms over southernmost Africa: a case of cause
Jessica Picas, Stefan Grab and Rob Allan
Presented by: Jessica Picas

YSM02: Biosphere and ecosystem dynamics - Monday 8 May

09:30 Using of different bioindicators for the reconstruction of paleoenvironment in the Holocene
Irina Kurina, Elena Veretennikova, Lyudmila Salisch, Marina Egorova, Vladimir Dolgin, Albert Udaloi and Evgeniya Golovatskaya
Presented by: Irina Kurina

09:45 Impact of mid-Holocene drought upon Bolivian seasonally-dry tropical forests
Heather Plumpton, Prof Francis Mayle and Dr Bronwen Whitney
Presented by: Heather Plumpton

10:00 The Relationship between Extratropical Plant Diversity and Pleistocene Climate Stability
K. Braun, R. M. Cowling, M. Bar-Matthews, A. Matthews, A. Ayalon, T. Zilberman, M. Difford and C. W. Marean
Presented by: Kerstin Braun

10:15 Diatom biogeography in tropical South America: importance of climatic and spatial factors
X. Benito, M. Steinitz-Kannan, P. M. Tapia and S.C. Fritz
Presented by: Xavier Benito

YSM03: Human-Climate-Ecosystem interactions - Tuesday 9 May

11:00 Contributions to Pliocene Arctic warmth from a clean atmosphere and enhanced forest fire emissions
Ran Feng, Bette Otto-Bliesner, Tamara Fletcher and Ashley Ballantyn and Esther Brady
Presented by: Ran Feng

11:15 Distinguishing Amazonian Climate versus Human Driven Fire Regimes Since the Last Glacial Period
S. Yoshi Maezumi, Bronwen Whitney, Frank Mayle and Jose Iriarte
Presented by: Shira Yoshi Maezumi

11:30 Relative impact of climate change and human activities on the ecosystems in southwest Madagascar
E. Razanatsoa, L. Gilson, S. Woodborne and M. Virah-Swamy
Presented by: Estelle Razanatsoa

11:45 Late Pliocene East African climate variability reconstructed from the Baringo Basin (Kenya)
Mona Stockhecke, John Kingston, Catherine Beck, Erik Brown, Andrew Cohen, Alan Deino and the HSPDP Drilling Project research team
Presented by: Mona Stockhecke

YSM04: Abrupt changes and threshold responses - Tuesday 9 May

12:00 Holocene Activity of the Petermann Glacial System
Brendan Reilly, Joseph Stoner, Alan Mix, Martin Jakobsson, Anne Jennings, Maureen Walczak, Laurence Dyke, Maziet Cheseby, Samuel Albert, Jason Wiest and the OD1507 Shipboard Scientific Party
Presented by: Brendan Reilly

12:15 Abrupt ecological transition in China's aquatic systems during the last two centuries
Ke Zhang
Presented by: Ke Zhang

YSM05: Modeling - Monday 8 May

12:30 Influence of CO2, the Antarctic Ice Sheet and Asian Topography on the Asian Monsoon and Regional Moisture Availability
D. Zoura, D. Hill, A. Dolan and A. Haywood
Presented by: Despina Zoura

12:45 The Large Scale Responses of Water Isotopes to Changes in Earth's Orbit
Clay Tabor, Bette Otto-Bliesner and Esther Brady
Presented by: Clay Tabor

YSM06: New technical and methodological development in past global changes - Tuesday 9 May

12:30 A terrestrial Pliocene-Pleistocene temperature record from North-Western Europe
Emily D.C.-Flood, Francien Peterse, Dirk Munsterman, Timme Donders and Jaap S. Sinninghe Damsté
Presented by: Emily Dearing Crampton Flood

12:45 A novel framework to optimise palaeoclimatic information derived from fossil pollen data
Manuel Chevalier and Brian M. Chase
Presented by: Manuel Chevalier


Presenters are requested to create their poster in portrait position with the following size: 84.1 x 118.9 cm/33.1 x 46.8 inches. Additional details here.

Poster presentations

YSM01: Climate system dynamics

Poster 1
Climate and chemistry variability at the Pine Island Glacier ice divide, Antarctica
Franciele Schwanck, Jefferson Cardia Simões, Michael Handley, Paul A. Mayewski, Jeffrey D. Auger, Ronaldo T. Bernardo and Francisco E. Aquino

Poster 2
Stable Isotopes of Carbon Reveal a Complex Trajectory for CO2 Drawdown at Last Glacial Inception
J. A. Menking, A. Buffen, T.K. Bauska, S. Shackleton, E.J. Brook, A. Schmittner, R.H. Rhodes, J.P. Severinghaus, M. Dyonisius and V.V. Petrenko

Poster 3
The inter-polar methane difference from the WAIS Divide and GISP2 ice-cores during Heinrich Stadials
Jon S Edwards, Edward J Brook and James E Lee

Poster 4
Age and inferred paleoclimate from Pleistocene-aged deposits in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canada
AS Dalton, SA Finkelstein and PJ Barnett

Poster 5
Late Holocene paleo-records of atmospheric dust deposition in eastern Canada
Steve Pratte, François De Vleeschouwer and Michelle Garneau

Poster 6
Shift in the glacial interglacial methane budget from dual isotope records
J. Beck, M. Bock, J. Schmitt, B. Seth, J. Chappellaz and H. Fischer

Poster 7
The evolution of deep water circulation in the subpolar North Atlantic during the last glacial termi
Patrick Blaser, Jörg Lippold, Marcus Gutjahr, Norbert Frank, Jasmin Link and Martin Frank

Poster 8
Reconstructing regional sea-level changes in eastern Canada using salt-marsh testate amoebae
Robert L. Barnett, Pascal Bernatchez and Michelle Garneau

Poster 9
Reconstructing relative sea-level in Northern Greenland from marine bivalves
A Glüder, A. Mix, G.A Milne, B. Lecavalier, B.T. Reilly, J. Clark, C. Holm, J. Padman, A. Ross and J.R. Southon

Poster 10
Reconstructing Holocene hydrographic variability in the Northeast Atlantic using bivalves
Stella J. Alexandroff, James D. Scourse, Paul G. Butler, Bernd R. Schöne and Paula J. Reimer

Poster 11
Early Pliocene vegetation and hydrology changes in western Ecuador
Friederike Grimmer and Lydie Dupont

Poster 12
Medieval Aridity in the Central Tropical Pacific
Melinda Catherine Higley, Jessica L Conroy and Susan Schmitt

Poster 13
Simulated sensitivity of the tropical climate to extratropical thermal forcing
Stefanie Talento and Marcelo Barreiro

Poster 14
Robust evidence for forced changes in ENSO: from the mid-Holocene to the 21st century
Pamela R. Grothe, Kim M. Cobb, Giovanni Liguori, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Antonietta Capotondi, Yanbin Lu, Hai Cheng, R. Lawrence Edwards, John R. Southon, Guaciara M. Santos, Daniel M. Deocampo, Jean Lynch-Stieglitz, Tianran Chen, Hussein R. Sayani, Kayla Townsend, Melat Hagos, Gemma O’Connor, Diane M. Thompson and Lauren T. Toth

Poster 15
ENSO flavours- Spatial dynamics of ENSO during the pre- industrial period
Many Freund, Ben Henley and David Karoly

Poster 16
Spatio-temporal variability of the SPCZ fresh pool eastern front from coral-derived SSS data
Emilie P. Dassié, Audrey Hasson, Myriam Khodri, Braddock K. Linsley and Nicolas Lebas

Poster 17
Common Era climate reconstructions from the northeastern United States
Jessie Pearl, Kevin Anchukaitis, Neil Pederson, Jeff Donnelly and Daniel Bishop

Poster 18
High-res. flood history in lake sediments from SW Ecuador of the past two millennia: El Nino or not?
Tobias Schneider and Martin Grosjean

Poster 19
Differential response of Holocene climate variability observed from lake records along an elevationa
Matías Alvarez-Frugone, Josué Polanco-Martínez, Blas Valero-Garcés, Ana Moreno and Claudio Latorre

Poster 20
Palynology discovers the plants response to climate changes during the last interglacial at Lake Ohrid (FYROM/Albania)
A. Masi, G. Sinopoli and L Sadori

Poster 21
Coherent millennial-scale hydroclimate variability in southern Australasia during the Last Glacial P
Georgina Falster, Jonathan Tyler, John Tibby, Peter Kershaw, Cameron Barr, Katherine Grant and Chris Turney

Poster 22
The deglacial dynamics of the North American Monsoon in leaf wax isotopes and model experiments
Tripti Bhattacharya and Jessica Tierney

Poster 23
Speleothem δ18O record of multidecadal Atlantic oscillations during the last millennium in Morocco
Yassine Ait Brahim, Abdelfettah Sifeddine, Myriam Khodri, Hai Cheng, Francisco W. Cruz, Lijuan Sha, Núria Pérez-Zanón, Jasper A. Wassenburg and Lhoussaine Bouchaou

Poster 24
Discriminating the impacts of Heinrich and Dansgaard-Oeschger stadials over tropical South America
Y. Zhang, C.M. Chiessi, S. Mulitza, A.O. Sawakuchi, M. Zabel, S. Crivellari and G. Wefer

Poster 25
Holocene climate reconstruction based on multi-archive isotope records from Central Sweden
Inga Labuhn, Dominique Blamart, Dominique Genty, Dan Hammarlund, Jiaoyang Ruan and Ulrich von Grafenstein

Poster 26
Climate evolution across the Mid-Brunhes Transition
Aaron M. Barth, Peter U. Clark, Nicholas S. Bill, Feng He and Nicklas G. Pisias

Poster 27
Long-term variation of clay mineral compositions in the Andaman Backarc Basin since the late Miocene
Jongmin Lee, Boo-Keun Khim, Sunghan Kim, and Hyen Goo Cho

Poster 28
Characterizing spatial and temporal scales of drought in the CESM and paleoclimate reconstructions
Sloan Coats

YSM02: Biosphere and ecosystem dynamics

Poster 29
The Batagay mega thaw slump reveals history of inland Beringia
Kseniia Ashastina, Lutz Schirrmeister, Svetlana Kuzmina, Natalia Rudaya and Frank Kienast

Poster 30
Drivers of vegetation change from the Sumava Region, central Europe in association with the 8.2 ka
Vachel A. Carter, Petr Kune and Jennifer L. Clear

Poster 31
Biogeographic distribution of extant Coccolithophores in the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean
Shramik M. Patil, Rahul Mohan, Suhas S. Shetye, Sahina Gazi and Syed Jafar

Poster 32
Linking fossil bark beetles to disturbance history of the Šumava National Park, Czech Republic
Nick Schafstall

Poster 33
Macrophyte (Stuckenia) Analyses and ancient DNA from Lake Sediments - Lake Karakul, Tajikistan
Liv Heinecke, Laura S. Epp, Maria Reschke, Kathleen Stoof-Leichsenring, Steffen Mischke, Birgit Plessen and Ulrike Herzschuh

YSM03: Human-Climate-Ecosystem interactions

Poster 34
Evaluating global ancient human impacts using archaeological and paleoenvironmental records
Michelle Chaput and Konrad Gajewski

Poster 35
Human disturbance and resilience of a tropical peatland in Sumatra, Indonesia
Kartika A. Hapsari, Siria Biagioni, Tim Jennerjahn, Peter Reimer, Asmadi Saad, Supiandi Sabiham and Hermann Behling

Poster 36
Drivers of regional and local boreal forest dynamics during the Holocene in northern Europe
Niina Kuosmanen, Heikki Seppä, Teija Alenius, Richard HW Bradshaw, Jennifer L. Clear, Keyan Fang, Ludmila Filimonova, Maija Heikkilä, Oleg Kuznetsov, Triin Reitalu, Hans Renssen and Miikka Tallavaara

Poster 37
Late Holocene vegetation dynamics and disturbance regime in north Patagonia
Valentina Alvarez-Barra, Sonia L. Fontana and Thomas Giesecke

Poster 38
Mapping livelihoods in West and Central Africa: changes in food-production from 1800 BC to AD 1500
Andrea U. Kay and Jed O. Kaplan

Poster 39
Fire and vegetation changes during Holocene recorded in Tibetan lacustrine sediments
Alice Callegaro, Felipe Matsubara Pereira, Torben Kirchgeorg, Dario Battistel, Broxton W. Bird and Carlo Barbante

Poster 40
Holocene evolution of mangrove vegetation, palaeoclimate and sea level changes at the Chilka Lagoon
Shilpa Pandey and Burkhard W. Scharf

Poster 41
Local physiognomic responses of local herbaceous biomass to climate and disturbance
Abraham N Dabengwa, William J Bond and Lindsey Gillson

Poster 42
16th-century America's population demise, land use and carbon cycle changes
Alexander Koch, Simon Lewis, Mark Maslin and Chris Brierley

Poster 43
Tropical climate dynamics through the Holocene using varve analysis from Yaal Chac, Mexico
Nick J. Primmer, Matthew D. Jones and Sarah E. Metcalfe

Poster 44
Climatic & Anthropogenic drivers of past ecological dynamics in Lake Montcortes (Iberian Peninsula)
MªCarmen Trapote, Valentí Rull and Teresa Vegas-Vilarrúbia

Poster 45
Late Holocene human-environment interactions in New Zealand: a biomarker approach
E. Argiriadis, M. Vecchiato, T. Kirchgeorg, D. Battistel, N. Kehrwald, A. Callegaro, D.B. McWethy, C. Whitlock and C. Barbante

Poster 46
Tracking recent watershed changes in Vichuquén Lake (Central Chile) through δ15N signatures
Magdalena Fuentealba, Claudio Latorre, Matías Frugrone, María Laura Carrevedo and Blas Valero-Garcés

Poster 47
Late Holocene vegetation responses to climatic and disturbance drivers in Western Indian grasslands
A.A.S. Pillai, A. Ambili, V. Prasad, P. Sanyal, S. Verghese, J. Ratnam and M. Sankaran

Poster 48
Pollen sources in studies of camelid coprolites from Patagonia (Argentina)
Nadia Jimena Velázquez, Lidia Susana Burry and Martin Fugassa

YSM04: Abrupt changes and threshold responses

Poster 49
Water masses and circulation in the Denmark Strait during Dansgaard-Oeschger events
Evangeline Sessford, Amandine Tisserand and Eystein Jansen

Poster 50
Changes in the western South Atlantic and the adjacent continent during Heinrich Stadials 3 and 2
Marília C. Campos, Cristiano M. Chiessi, Henning Kuhnert and Stefan Mulitza

Poster 51
A Late Pleistocene Meltwater Routing Record from the Gulf of Mexico
Elizabeth G. Ceperley, Shaun A. Marcott and Stephen R. Meyers

Poster 52
Holocene rapid climate changes reflected in NE and CE European charcoal records
Gabriela Florescu and Angelica Feurdean

YSM05: Modeling

Poster 53
Land use in Classical Antiquity: How good are the global datasets? A case study in Roman Switzerland
Ryan E. Hughes and Jed O. Kaplan

Poster 54
Role of sediments in controlling the dynamics of paleo-ice sheets
E.J. Gowan, G. Knorr, L. Niu and G. Lohmann

Poster 55
Reconstructing Greenland Ice Sheet Dynamics During the Last Deglaciation
B. Keisling and R. DeConto

Poster 56
Antarctic Last Interglacial Isotope Peak in Response to Sea Ice Retreat not Ice Sheet Collapse
Max D. Holloway, Louise C. Sime, Joy S. Singarayer, Julia C. Tindall, Pete Bunch and Paul J. Valdes

Poster 57
Glacial-Interglacial Variations in the Carboncycle
Aurich Jeltsch-Thömmes, Gianna Battaglia and Fortunat Joos

Poster 58
Disequilibrium DIC: Carbon storage and the effects of ocean circulation and the soft tissue pump
Sarah Eggleston and Eric Galbraith

YSM06: New technical and methodological development in past global changes

Poster 59
New techniques in palynology: Using FTIR and pollen morphology to classify Eucalyptus Pollen
Florian Muthreich

Poster 60
Using co-located lake and bog paleohydrologic records to improve proxy climate interpretations
Connor Nolan, Bryan Shuman, Robert Booth and Stephen Jackson

Poster 61
Automatization of an inverse surface temperature modelling procedure for Greenland ice cores,...
M. Döring, T. Kobashi and M. Leuenberger

Poster 62
Triple oxygen isotopes in carbonate sediments: Insights on East African water balance since 500 ka
J.W. Moerman, N.E. Levin, A.K. Behrensmeyer, A.L. Deino, N. DeLuca, S.B. Lehmann, B.H. Passey, R. Potts and ODP Research Group

Poster 63
Strip-bark morphology and radial growth trends: Considerations for dendroclimatic reconstructions
Caroline Leland, Edward Cook, Neil Pederson, Amy Hessl, Laia Andreu-Hayles, Kevin Anchukaitis, Baatarbileg Nachin, Oyunsanaa Byambasuren, Nicole Davi, Rosanne D'Arrigo and Mukund Palat Rao

Peer feedback

A system will be set up where participants provide friendly and constructive feedback on each others' presentations.

Professional skill development

There will be discourses on topics relevant to early-career researchers. These will include:

- Workshop 1 "How to write a scientific proposal for funding." Presenters: Hubertus Fischer, Jonas Bunikis (European Research Council) and Pilar Calatayud (University of Zaragoza).
- Workshop 2 "How to communicate science." Presenters: Alicia Newton, Liz Kalaugher and Angela Wade
- Workshop 3 "Data" Darrell Kaufman (Data Stewardship Integrative Activity and how it works in practice); Alicia Newton (Nature policy regarding data availability); Jonas Bunikis (the position of the European Research Council on data policy).

Breakout discussions

Participants will discuss and develop strategies on specific topics in small groups, under moderation of a senior scientist. The outcome of the discussion will be presented to the plenary and prepared for publication in the PAGES Magazine.

Publication opportunity

YSM participants will be offered the opportunity to publish their work as full papers in a special issue of Climate of the Past. Some YSM participants will be given the opportunity to join the team of co-guest editors for the special issue.

Social activities

An icebreaker reception is planned for the evening of 7 May, followed by an activity. A dinner is planned for 8 May, followed by another (different) activity. An excursion to Ainsa is planned for 9 May, before participants take the bus back to Zaragoza to join the OSM Icebreaker Party.

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