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Dr. Claire Waelbroeck

91198 Gif-sur-Yvette

Expertise & Interests

  +33 1 69 82 43 27

Overview / specialty        Study of past climate variability, based on the acquisition and interpretation of deep-sea sediment records. More specifically: measuring and interpreting the oxygen and carbon isotopic ratio of planktonic and benthic foraminifera, developing statistical methods of past sea surface temperature reconstruction, and establishing time scales common to ice cores and deep-sea climate records.
Official PAGES function(s)        PALSEA2 Steering Committee Member / OC3 Working Group Steering Committee
PAGES interests        Ocean circulation and carbon, PALSEA2



Waelbroeck, C., L. Labeyrie, J.C. Duplessy, J. Guiot, M. Labracherie, H. Leclaire, and J. Duprat, Improving past sea surface temperature estimates based on planktonic fossil faunas, Paleoceanography 13: 272-283, 1998.

Waelbroeck, C., J.C. Duplessy, E. Michel, L. Labeyrie, D. Paillard, and J. Duprat, The timing of the last deglaciation in North Atlantic climate records, Nature 412: 724-727, 2001.

Waelbroeck, C., L. Labeyrie, E. Michel, J.C. Duplessy, J.F. McManus, K. Lambeck, E. Balbon, M. Labracherie, Sea-level and deep water temperature changes derived from benthic foraminifera isotopic records, Quaternary Science Reviews 21 (1-3): 295-305, 2002.

Waelbroeck, C., S. Mulitza, H. Spero, T. Dokken, T. Kiefer, E. Cortijo, A global compilation of Late Holocene planktonic foraminiferal d18O: relationship between surface water temperature and d18O, Quaternary Science Reviews 24 (7-8): 853-868, 2005.

Waelbroeck, C., C. Levi, J.C. Duplessy, L. Labeyrie, E. Michel, E. Cortijo, F. Bassinot, F. Guichard, Distant origin of circulation changes in the Indian Ocean during the last deglaciation, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 243: 244-251, 2006.