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Holocene non-orbital climatic events in present-day arid areas of northern Africa and China
Special issue articles
Guo Z, Petit-Maire N & Kröpelin S Global and Planetary Change 2000
Factors favouring precipitation in North Africa: seen from the viewpoint of present-day climatology
Special issue articles
Geb M Global and Planetary Change 2000
Site-specific high-resolution models of the monsoon for Africa and Asia
Special issue articles
Bryson RA & Bryson RU Global and Planetary Change 2000
Loess accumulation and soil formation in Kaokoland (Northern Namibia) as indicators of Quaternary climatic change
Special issue articles
Brunotte E & Sander H Global and Planetary Change 2000
Mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum African monsoon changes as simulated within the Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project
Special issue articles
Braconnot P, Joussaume S, Noblet Nd & Ramstein G Global and Planetary Change 2000
Pollen-inferred precipitation time-series from equatorial mountains, Africa, the last 40 kyr BP
Special issue articles
Bonnefille R & Chalié F Global and Planetary Change 2000
Modern and palaeo-modelling in the Great Sand Sea of Egypt (initial results from the Cologne Cooperative Research Project 389)
Special issue articles
Besler H Global and Planetary Change 2000
Holocene palaeoclimates in northwestern Sudan: stable isotope studies on molluscs
Special issue articles
Abell PI & Hoelzmann P Global and Planetary Change 2000
From nature-dominated to human-dominated environmental changes
Special issue articles
Messerli B, Grosjean M, Hofer T, Núñez L & Pfister C... Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Sensitivity of modern and Holocene floods to climate change
Special issue articles
Knox JC Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Use of paleo-records in determining variability within the volcanism–climate system
Special issue articles
Zielinski GA Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
The role of the sun in climate forcing
Special issue articles
Beer J, Mende W & Stellmacher R Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Past global changes and their significance for the future
Special issue articles
Bradley RS Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Water isotopes in precipitation: data/model comparison for present-day and past climates
Special issue articles
Jouzel J, Hoffmann G, Koster RD & Masson V Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
How well can we simulate past climates? Evaluating the models using global palaeoenvironmental datasets
Special issue articles
Kohfeld KE & Harrison SP Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
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