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Latest entries
Name Author Journal Year Image
Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analysis of northwest European horse bone and tooth collagen, 40,000 BP–present: Palaeoclimatic interpretations
Special issue articles
Stevens RE & Hedges REM Quaternary Science Reviews 2004
Isotopes in Quaternary Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction
Special issues
Quaternary Science Reviews 2004
Browns Glacier, Heard Island, Southern Ocean 1947/2004
Paired pictures
Thost D 2004
Chronological discord between the last interglacial paleosol (S1) and its parent material in the Chinese Loess Plateau
Special issue articles
Feng Z-D, Wang HB, Olson C, Pope GA, Chen FH, Zhang JW & An CB... Quaternary International 2004
Chemical weathering of the loess deposits in the lower Changjiang Valley, China, and paleoclimatic implications
Special issue articles
Yang SY, Li CX, Yang DY & Li XS Quaternary International 2004
Evidence of a geological event and environmental change in the catchment area of the Yellow River at 0.15 Ma
Special issue articles
Zhang Z, Wang S, Yang X, Jiang F, Shen J & Li X Quaternary International 2004
Magnetic susceptibility study of Late Quaternary inner continental shelf sediments in the Hong Kong SAR, China
Special issue articles
Yim WW-S, Huang G & Chan LS Quaternary International 2004
Mid-Holocene sea-level highstand along the Southeast Coast of China
Special issue articles
Zong Y Quaternary International 2004
Pleistocene palynology of Nepal
Special issue articles
Paudayal KN & Ferguson DK Quaternary International 2004
Climatic implications of fruit and seed assemblage from Miocene of Yunnan, southwestern China
Special issue articles
Zhao L-C, Wang Y-F, Liu C-J & Li C-S Quaternary International 2004
Climatic and ecological implications of Late Pliocene Palynoflora from Longling, Yunnan, China
Special issue articles
Xu J-X, Ferguson DK, Li C-S, Wang Y-F & Du N-Q Quaternary International 2004
Siwalik mammals of the Jammu Sub-Himalaya, India: an appraisal of their diversity and habitats
Special issue articles
Basu PK Quaternary International 2004
The hippo's tale: how the anatomy and physiology of Late Neogene Hexaprotodon shed light on Late Neogene environmental change
Special issue articles
Jablonski NG Quaternary International 2004
An examination of the taxonomic status of the fragmentary mandible Sangiran 5, (Pithecanthropus dubius), Homo erectus, “Meganthropus”, or Pongo?
Special issue articles
Tyler DE Quaternary International 2004
On the origin of modern humans in China
Special issue articles
Wu X Quaternary International 2004
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