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Agricultural impacts on ecosystem functioning in temperate areas of North and South America
Special issue articles
Guerschman JP & Paruelo JM Global and Planetary Change 2005
Phytochemical changes in leaves of subtropical grasses and fynbos shrubs at elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations
Special issue articles
Hattas D, Stock WD, Mabusela WT & Green IR Global and Planetary Change 2005
An ecological economics framework for assessing environmental flows: the case of inter-basin water transfers in Lesotho
Special issue articles
Matete M & Hassan R Global and Planetary Change 2005
Greenhouse gas emissions from a managed grassland
Special issue articles
Jones SK, Rees RM, Skiba UM & Ball BC Global and Planetary Change 2005
Variability of reference evapotranspiration and water demands. Association to ENSO in the Maipo river basin, Chile
Special issue articles
Meza FJ Global and Planetary Change 2005
Climate variability, vegetation productivity and people at risk
Special issue articles
Milesi C, Hashimoto H, Running SW & Nemani RR Global and Planetary Change 2005
The use of a multilevel statistical model to analyze factors influencing land use: a study of the Ecuadorian Amazon
Special issue articles
Pan WKY & Bilsborrow RE Global and Planetary Change 2005
Improving the methodology for assessing natural hazard impacts
Special issue articles
Patwardhan A & Sharma U Global and Planetary Change 2005
Stabilization and global climate policy
Special issue articles
Sarofim MC, Forest CE, Reiner DM & Reilly JM Global and Planetary Change 2005
Mitigation of climate change impacts on raptors by behavioural adaptation: ecological buffering mechanisms
Special issue articles
Wichmann MC, Groeneveld J, Jeltsch F & Grimm V Global and Planetary Change 2005
Longitudinal variation of radial growth at Alaska's northern treeline—recent changes and possible scenarios for the 21st century
Special issue articles
Wilmking M & Juday GP Global and Planetary Change 2005
Mid–late Holocene monsoon climate retrieved from seasonal Sr/Ca and δ18O records of Porites lutea corals at Leizhou Peninsula, northern coast of South China Sea
Special issue articles
Yu K-F, Zhao J-X, Wei G-J, Cheng X-R & Wang P-X Global and Planetary Change 2005
International Young Scientists Global Change Conference 2003
Special issues
Global and Planetary Change 2005
Sirocko F, Claussen M, McManus J, Kull C 2005
Dark Nature Meeting - Rapid Natural Change and Human Response
Dark Nature Project 2005
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