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Post-glacial evolution of the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool and El Niño-Southern oscillation
Special issue articles
Gagan MK, Hendy EJ, Haberle SG & Hantoro WS Quaternary International 2004
History of vegetation and habitat change in the Austral-Asian region
Special issue articles
Hope G, Kershaw AP, van der Kaars S, Xiangjun S, Liew P-M, Heusser LE, Takahara H, McGlone M, Miyosh... Quaternary International 2004
Late Quaternary climates of the Australian arid zone: a review
Special issue articles
Hesse PP, Magee JW & van der Kaars S Quaternary International 2004
The evolution of dry lands in northern China and in the Republic of Mongolia since the Last Glacial Maximum
Special issue articles
Yang X, Rost KT, Lehmkuhl F, Zhenda Z & Dodson J Quaternary International 2004
Timings and causes of glacial advances across the PEP-II transect (East-Asia to Antarctica) during the last glaciation cycle
Special issue articles
Ono Y, Shulmeister J, Lehmkuhl F, Asahi K & Aoki Quaternary International 2004
The Southern Hemisphere westerlies in the Australasian sector over the last glacial cycle: a synthesis
Special issue articles
Shulmeister J, Goodwin I, Renwick J, Harle K, Armand L, McGlone MS, Cook E, Dodson J, Hesse PP, Maye... Quaternary International 2004
Southern migration of westerlies in the Northern Hemisphere PEP II transect during the Last Glacial Maximum
Special issue articles
Ono Y & Irino T Quaternary International 2004
Introduction: Climate, human, and natural systems of the PEP II transect
Special issue articles
Dodson J, Taylor D, Ono Y & Wang P Quaternary International 2004
Possible role of the “Holocene Event 3” on the collapse of Neolithic Cultures around the Central Plain of China
Special issue articles
Wenxiang W & Tungsheng L Quaternary International 2004
Homo erectus in East and Southeast Asia, and the questions of the age of the species and its association with stone artifacts, with special attention to handaxe-like tools
Special issue articles
Corvinus G Quaternary International 2004
On the origin of modern humans in China
Special issue articles
Wu X Quaternary International 2004
An examination of the taxonomic status of the fragmentary mandible Sangiran 5, (Pithecanthropus dubius), Homo erectus, “Meganthropus”, or Pongo?
Special issue articles
Tyler DE Quaternary International 2004
The hippo's tale: how the anatomy and physiology of Late Neogene Hexaprotodon shed light on Late Neogene environmental change
Special issue articles
Jablonski NG Quaternary International 2004
Siwalik mammals of the Jammu Sub-Himalaya, India: an appraisal of their diversity and habitats
Special issue articles
Basu PK Quaternary International 2004
Climatic and ecological implications of Late Pliocene Palynoflora from Longling, Yunnan, China
Special issue articles
Xu J-X, Ferguson DK, Li C-S, Wang Y-F & Du N-Q Quaternary International 2004
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