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Latest entries
Name Author Journal Year Image
Past global changes and their significance for the future
Special issue articles
Bradley RS Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
The role of the sun in climate forcing
Special issue articles
Beer J, Mende W & Stellmacher R Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Use of paleo-records in determining variability within the volcanism–climate system
Special issue articles
Zielinski GA Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Sensitivity of modern and Holocene floods to climate change
Special issue articles
Knox JC Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
From nature-dominated to human-dominated environmental changes
Special issue articles
Messerli B, Grosjean M, Hofer T, Núñez L & Pfister C... Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Antarctic’s Role Pursued in Global Climate Change
Journal articles
Mayewski P & Goodwin I Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 1999
7 (3): PAGES Timestream 2 - Long Records
PAGES Magazine issues
Editorial: Termination I in Central Europe
Special issue articles
Andres W & Litt T Quaternary International 1999
7 (2): REDIE
PAGES Magazine issues
Termination I in Central Europe
Special issues
Quaternary International 1999
Northern Hemisphere average surface temperature
PowerPoint slides
Mann et al. 1999
Paleoclimate Modeling - precipitation over Africa
PowerPoint slides
Joussaume et al. 1999
CO2 record from Taylor Dome Antarctica
PowerPoint slides
Indermühle et al. 1999
Annual records of tropical systems
PowerPoint slides
Dunbar R and Cole J eds. 1999
4 glacial cycles recorded in the Vostok ice core
PowerPoint slides
Petit JR et al. 1999