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Geomagnetic forcing and climatic variations in Europe, North America and in the Pacific Ocean
Special issue articles
Bucha V & Bucha V Jr. Quaternary International 2002
The relation between climate and river processes, landforms and deposits during the Quaternary
Special issue articles
Vandenberghe J Quaternary International 2002
Change in the frequency of extreme events as the indicator of climatic change in the Holocene (in fluvial systems)
Special issue articles
Starkel L Quaternary International 2002
Oscillations of the water balance during the Holocene in interior Central Europe—features, dating and consequences
Special issue articles
Jäger K-D Quaternary International 2002
Holocene climatic changes in Iceland: evidence from modelling glacier length fluctuations at Sólheimajökull
Special issue articles
Mackintosh AN, Dugmore AJ & Hubbard AL Quaternary International 2002
Quatermalacological analyses for modeling of the Upper Weichselian palaeoenvironmental changes in the Carpathian Basin
Special issue articles
Sümegi P & Krolopp E Quaternary International 2002
Evidence of climatic variations in loess and cave Palaeolithic sites of southern Poland and western Ukraine
Special issue articles
Madeyska T Quaternary International 2002
Climate changes in East Europe and Siberia at the Late glacial–holocene transition
Special issue articles
Velichko AA, Catto N, Drenova AN, Klimanov VA, Kremenetski KV & Nechaev VP... Quaternary International 2002
A high-resolution record of Late-Glacial and Early-Holocene climatic and environmental change in the Czech Republic
Special issue articles
Pokorný P Quaternary International 2002
Diversified development of mountain mires, Bohemian Forest, Central Europe, in the last 13,000 years
Special issue articles
Svobodová H, Soukupová L & Reille M Quaternary International 2002
Modeling Modern and Late Pleistocene Glacio-Climatological Conditions in the North Chilean Andes (29–30 °)
Journal articles
Kull C, Grosjean M & Veit H Climatic Change 2002
Comments on the paper of Yokoyama et al. (2000) entitled "Timing of the Last Glacial Maximum from observed sea level minima"
Special issue articles
Peltier WR Quaternary Science Reviews 2002
Reply to the comment by W.R. Peltier
Special issue articles
Lambeck K, Yokoyama Y, Purcell A & Johnston P Quaternary Science Reviews 2002
EPILOG - Ice Sheets and Sea Level of the Last Glacial Maximum
Special issues
Quaternary Science Reviews 2002
Reconstruction and Modeling of Grass-Dominated Ecosystems
Special issues
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 2002
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