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Latest entries
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A forward model of cave dripwater δ18O and application to speleothem records
Special issue articles
Truebe SA, Ault TR & Cole JE IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science... 2010
Scale in tephrostratigraphic correlation: An example from Turkish Pleistocene archaeological sites
Special issue articles
Tryon CA, Kuhn SL, Slimak L, Logan MAV & Balkan-Atlı N... Quaternary International 2011
Decoding last interglacial sea-level variations in the western Mediterranean using speleothem encrustations from coastal caves in Mallorca and Sardinia: A field data -- model comparison
Special issue articles
Tuccimei P, Onac BP, Dorale JA, Ginés J, Fornós JJ, Ginés A, Spada G, Ruggieri G & Mucedda M... Quaternary International 2012
PAGES in China
PAGES Magazine articles
Tungsheng L PAGES news 2005
Searching for Missing Ice Sheets on the Tibetan Plateau
Workshop Reports
PAGES Magazine articles
Tungsheng L, Shangfa X & Xiaoguang Q PAGES news 1998
1st LBA Science Steering Committee meeting
Workshop Reports
PAGES Magazine articles
Turcq B PAGES news 1997
Learning from the Distant Past
Workshop reports
Turley C & Henderiks J IMBER Update 2007
Integrating records of explosive and effusive activity from proximal and distal sequences: Mt. Taranaki, New Zealand
Special issue articles
Turner MB, Cronin SJ, Bebbington MS, Smith IEM & Stewart RB... Quaternary International 2011
Towards an Australasian climate reconstruction for the past two millennia
Program News
PAGES Magazine articles
Turney C, Duncan R, Nicholls N, Moberg A & Pollack H... PAGES news 2008
The 1st Australasia 2k regional workshop: Towards data synthesis
Workshop Reports
PAGES Magazine articles
Turney C, Gergis J, Lorrey A, Palmer J, Phipps SJ & van Ommen T... PAGES news 2010
Introduction: Integrating High-Resolution Past Climate Records for Future Prediction in the Australasian Region
Special issue articles
Turney C, Kershaw P & Lynch A Journal of Quaternary Science 2006
Developing Regional Tephrochronological Frameworks for Testing Hypotheses of Synchronous Climate Change
Science Highlights
PAGES Magazine articles
Turney CSM, Davies SM & Alloway BV PAGES news 2004
Integration of ice-core, marine and terrestrial records for the Australian Last Glacial Maximum and Termination: a contribution from the OZ INTIMATE group
Special issue articles
Turney CSM, Haberle S, Fink D, Kershaw AP, Barbetti M, Barrows TT, Black M, Cohen TJ, Corrège T, Hes... Journal of Quaternary Science 2006
The impact of paleoclimate, geologic history, and human influence on the evolution of East African cichlids
Special issue articles
Twesigye CK Quaternary International 2015
An examination of the taxonomic status of the fragmentary mandible Sangiran 5, (Pithecanthropus dubius), Homo erectus, “Meganthropus”, or Pongo?
Special issue articles
Tyler DE Quaternary International 2004
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