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This database contains publications, meeting products and outreach material emerging from PAGES activities.

It is a requirement that all products listed here acknowledge PAGES, a PAGES working goup or a meeting supported by PAGES.

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Timberline Paleoecology in the Alps
Science Highlights
PAGES Magazine articles
Tinner W & Ammann B PAGES news 2001
Alpine Climate Changes as Reconstructed from Speleothems
Science Highlights
PAGES Magazine articles
Frisia S & Fairchild I PAGES news 2001
Editorial: The International Year of Mountains (IYM), the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) and PAGES
PAGES Magazine articles
Messerli B PAGES news 2001
9 (2): PEP II Special Issue
PAGES Magazine issues
PAGES news 2001
Interhemispheric Climate Linkages
PAGES e-news, vol. 2001, no. 1
Total area of ice on Kilimanjaro
PowerPoint slides
Thompson LG & Alverson K et al. 2001
The late Quaternary stratigraphy and environments of northern Eurasia and the adjacent Arctic seas - new contributions from QUEEN
Special issues
Global and Planetary Change 2001
9 (1): Paleoclimate Modeling
PAGES Magazine issues
PAGES news 2001
Human Presence in the European Arctic Nearly 40,000 Years Ago
Journal articles
Pavlov P, Svendsen JI & Indrelid S Nature 2001
Highest II: Climate Change at High Elevation Sites: Emerging Impacts
Workshop Reports
PAGES Magazine articles
Unknown author PAGES News 2001
The 6th ELDP Workshop: High–Resolution Lake Sediment Records in Climate and Environment Variability Studies
Workshop Reports
PAGES Magazine articles
Brauer A & Negendank JFW PAGES News 2001
Paleo-Grassland Research (PGR) 2000: a Conference on the Reconstruction and Modeling of Grass–Dominated Ecosystems
Workshop Reports
PAGES Magazine articles
Wooller MJ & Beuning KR PAGES News 2001
CLIWOC: a Cooperative Effort to Recover Climate Data for Oceanic Areas (1750–1850)
Program News
PAGES Magazine articles
Garcia Herrera R, Wheeler D, Konnen G, Rosario Prieto M, Jones P... PAGES News 2001
East Asian Monsoon Signals Recorded in the Japan Sea Sediments
Science Highlights
PAGES Magazine articles
Irino T, Ikehara K, Katayama H, Ono Y & Tada R PAGES News 2001
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