PAGES 3rd Open Science Meeting: Retrospective views on our planet's future

OSM poster authors

, 2009

These are some of the posters submitted to PAGES 3rd Open Science Meeting held from 8-11 July 2009 in Corvallis, USA.

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First author Title
Mary Gagen Changes in plant water use efficiency over the recent past reconstructed using palaeo plant records from the boreal forest
Meredith Hastings Evaluating sources and chemistry changes based on the isotopes of atmospheric nitrate in ice cores
Sonja Hausmann NAO impact on summer winds over the past 9500 years as recorded by Diatoms in Lake du Sommet in southern Québec, Canada
Thomas Laepple The seasonal cycle as template for climate variability on astronomical time scales
Yihua Luan Seasonal and interannual variations of tropical Pacific induced by insolation changes in the early and middle Holocene
Logan Mitchell New high-precision, high-resolution records of atmospheric methane from Greenland and Antarctic ice cores: AD 1000 – present
Mirjam Pfeiffer Response of terrestrial N2O and NOx emissions to abrupt climate change events
Yi Wang The significance of northern peatlands in global carbon systems during the Holocene
Patrick Applegate Extracting moraine ages from statistical distributions of cosmogenic exposure dates (YSM POSTER PRIZE)
Hemant Borgaonkar High-altitude forest sensitivity to recent warming: A tree-ring analysis of conifers from Western Himalaya (India)
Jennifer Cumpston Mid to Late Holocene seasonal SST records along coastal Peru and their implications for ENSO behavior and climate change
Pedro DiNezio Is El Niño an appropriate analogue for Tropical Pacific Climate Change
María Eugenia Ferrero Identifying spatial and temporal variations in tree growth within subtropical montane forests in South America
Konrad Gajewski Regional climate reconstructions in northern North America
Jingjing Liu Humidity varibility derived from stalagmite records and historical documents in Eastern China over the past 2000 years
Takeshi Nakatsuka Reconstruction of inter-annual variation in Okhotsk High from oxygen isotopic ratios of tree-ring cellulose in northeastern Japan
Raphael Neukom Multiproxy climate field reconstructions for southern South America back to AD 1000
Lynda Petherick High resolution record of the Last Glacial Maximum in eastern Australia
Kerstin Prömmel Regional climate model study on the impact of tectonic and orbital forcing on East African climate
Philippe Sorrel The Aral Sea: A palaeoclimate archive during the late Holocene
Scott St. George Using observations and proxies to assess the strength of decadal signals in North American drought
Martin Tingley A Bayesian approach to reconstructing climate fields from proxy data
Rocío Urrutia Multi-century tree-ring reconstruction of Maule river annual streamflow in South-Central Chile
Henry Wu Evaluating sea surface temperature variability using replicated Porites lobata coral Sr/Ca records from Clipperton Atoll (AD 1994-1894)
Caroline Cleroux Evidence for calcification depth change of G. truncatulinoides between deglaciation and the Holocene – or why to be careful in transposing modern observations back in time (YSM POSTER PRIZE)
Caroline Cleroux Monitor the past subsurface Subtropical Cells activity by upper ocean temperature and salinity gradients reconstruction
Marie-Claude Fortin Proxy development and calibration in the Canadian Arctic
Robert Hatfield The particle size-specific nature of magnetic assemblages: implications for sediment tracing and palaeo-environmental reconstruction.
Stephanie S. Kienast A fresh look at detrital fluxes and sediment dynamics in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific, 0-150 kyrs B.P.
Amanda Robertson Genomic-level DNA sequence data as a testable proxy for paleo-environmental reconstructions and species responses to historical global change
David Anderson Marine geologic evidence of the timing of temperature and carbon dioxide change during the Quaternary
Hemant Borgaonkar Detecting monsoon drought signals in Indian teak (Tectona grandis L. f.) over the past five centuries
Cristiano Chiessi Precipitation variability over southeastern South America: From orbital- to decadal-scale processes
Cristiano Chiessi South Atlantic inter-ocean exchange as the trigger for the Bølling warm event
Jinguo Dong  A high-resolution East Asian monsoon record from Nuanhe Cave in North China during the Holocene
 Elizabeth Farmer  Variability of the subpolar North Atlantic during Marine Isotope Stage 5
 Wenying Jiang  Timing and spatial distribution of mid-Holocene drying over northern China: response to a south-eastward retreat of the East Asian monsoon
 Pierre Pitte  Recent changes in some glaciers of the Desert Andes (29º20’S) and their relationship to climate variations
 Shiling Yang  Migration of the Mu Us desert and its implications for advance/retreat of the East-Asian summer monsoon rainfall belt during the last two glacial-interglacial cycles: Evidence from particle size of Chinese loess
 Fanny Adloff  Modelling changes in eastern Mediterranean ocean climate for the early Holocene
 Jung-Eun Lee  Tropical precipitation during the Last Glacial Maximum: An analysis of the “amount effect” with a water isotope-enabled General Circulation Model
 Lydia Olaka Sensitivity of East African lakes to climate change: Modeling results 
 Francesco Salvatore Rocco Pausata  Changes in atmospheric variability in a glacial climate and the impacts on proxy data: a model intercomparison
 Steven Phipps  Understanding ENSO dynamics through the exploration of past climates
 Pamela Collins  Did prehistoric anthropogenic soil erosion cause a shift in Mediterranean biomes over the Holocene? (YSM POSTER PRIZE)
 Robert Hatfield  Sediment sourcing and environmental reconstruction using particle size-specific magnetic fingerprinting: Bassenthwaite Lake, UK
 Peter Kershaw  A contribution to management of Australian ‘Black Saturday’ forests from palaeoecological records
 Ignacio A. Mundo  Fire and climate variations inferred from Araucaria araucana chronologies in northern Patagonia
 Takeshi Nakatsuka  Summer hydroclimate variability during BC 1st –AD 3rd centuries in Japan : its potential impact on the integration of Japanese nation
 Diego Navarro  Examining the mid-late Holocene environments of west-central Argentina
 Cindy Palinkas  Anthropogenic impacts on ecosystem dynamics in nearshore Chesapeake Bay environments
 Daniel Pasteris  Software-cum-database for leaf trait measurements: Case study from South India
 Matthew Peros  Prehistoric demography of North America inferred from radiocarbon data
 Alpa Sridhar  Fluvial sedimentation in response to regional climate changes during the Holocene: Paradigm of the river basins of western India
 Zihua Tang  Little effect of environmental changes on the prehistorical civilization evolution in Tarim Basin, NW China
 Stephen A.  Software-cum-database for leaf trait measurements: Case study from South India
Donald Charles The Diatom Paleolimnology Data Cooperative (DPDC)

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