Diverse knowledge informing fire policy and biodiversity conservation: DiverseK Policy Brief

Colombaroli D, Mistry J, Milner A, Vannière B, Adolf C, Bilbao BA, Carcaillet C, Connor S, Daniau A-L, Hawthorne D, Jeffers E, Larson E, Petrokofsky G, Power MJ, Sinnadurai P, Berrio JC, Cassino R, Gildeeva O, Grosvenor M, Hardiman M, Hennebelle A, Kuosmanen N, Lestienne M, Portes MC, Rockell G, Tsakiridou M & Walsh A

Royal Holloway University of London, UK, 2019


Members of the PAGES Global Paleofire Working Group 2 (GPWG2), together with another 30 international colleagues, released this Policy Brief discussing how the integration of traditional ecological knowledge and long-term ecology could better support the evidence base for future decisions on fire policy and biodiversity conservation.

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Category: Science plans