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An archive of updates from the paleo world.
Articles, flyers, and other materials from PAGES groups and projects.
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List of promoted PAGES products
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Past Global Changes and their Significance for the Future: PAGES 1st Open Science Meeting (PPT slides)
PowerPoint slides
Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
A Global Paleoclimate Observing System
Articles & flyers
Alverson K, Bradley R, Briffa K, Cole J, Hughes M, Larocque I, Pedersen T, Thompson L & Tudhope S... Science 2001
Climate Change: Experts Urge Speedup to Mine 'Archives'
Articles & flyers
Koening R Science 2001
Ghosts of oceans past
Articles & flyers
Warren Cornwall Science 2015
Editors Choice - Climate Science: Refreshing CLIMAP
Articles & flyers
Jesse Smith H Science Magazine 2009
Brief PAGES profile
Articles & flyers
SOLAS news 2006
Articles & flyers
SOLAS news 2009
PAGES Solicits Input from AMQUA Members
Articles & flyers
Oldfield F & Alverson K The Quaternary Times 2000
Articles & flyers
Miller GH & Elverhøi A The Quaternary Times 1997
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