Paleo-Ocean Acidification WG

The Paleo-Ocean Acidification WG developed out of the IGBP-SCOR Fast-Track Initiative.

The objective of this group was centered on exploring evidence for carbon cycle perturbations in the geological record and infering how it can inform our understanding of the response of modern biotic assemblages to ocean acidification.

The final workshop (pictured right) was held on Santa Catalina Island, USA from 25-29 August 2010 (link) to discuss the state of the science, prepare publications, and discuss a potential future course of action. This workshop brought together an international group of carbon cycle modelers, carbonate chemistry specialists, and biological, chemical and physical (paleo-) oceanographers to discuss past carbon cycle perturbations and the long-term response of marine organisms to changing conditions, and to provide a geological perspective on future concerns. Read the workshop report in PAGES news.

Working Group Leaders

Bärbel Hönisch, Stephen Barker, Daniela Schmidt, Jim Zachos