Polar Programs

The aim of the former Focus 4, Polar Programs was to study paleoclimate and environmental variability in polar regions. The Polar Programs focus was bipolar and included four groups:

1. CAPE (Circum Arctic Paleoenvironments) - Integration of paleoenvironmental research on terrestrial and adjacent margins covering the last few glacial cycles.

2. QUEEN (Quaternary Environment of the Eurasian North) - Mapping the extent of the last glaciation.

3. ITASE (International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition) - Mapping the spatial variability of Antarctic climate over the last millennium.

4. ANTIME (Late Quaternary Sedimentary Record of Antarctic Ice Margin Evolution) - Resolution of past fluctuations in the extent and volume of the Antarctic ice sheet.

Additional activities included in the Polar Programs Focus included:

1. The "EPICA Challenge" to predict greenhouse gases over 800,000 years. In September 2004 the call for contributions was announced in Eos. Two posters were presented at the 2004 AGU Fall Meeting (EPICA challenge 1 and EPICA challenge 2) and a summary paper presenting the results was again published in Eos in September 2005. 

2. In 2005, PAGES initiated a new intersection program with WCRP-CliC (Climate and Cryosphere) to jointly address topics of present and past dynamics of ice sheets and sea ice, with observational (CliC) and reconstructional (PAGES) approaches.

Selected products (chronologically)

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