04.09 - 05.09.2018  
Cambridge, UK
Contact person:
Liz Thomas, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The PAGES 2k Network project CLIVASH2k will hold a workshop "Climate variability in Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere over the past 2000 years" from 4-5 September 2018 in Cambridge, UK.


British Antarctic Survey (BAS)
Madingley Road
Cambridge CB3 0ET


This is an open meeting limited to 30-40 participants. Aspects of the workshop will be open to staff and students from the British Antarctic Survey and the University of Cambridge, to ensure engagement and information sharing between a wide range of science (atmospheric, biology, oceanography, geology etc) and non-scientific disciplines (engineering, administration, logistics).

This joint workshop brings together CLIVASH2k and the SCAR research programme AntClim21.


The CLIVASH2k working group aims to improve our understanding of large-scale modes of climate variability and the mechanisms and drivers of climate change in Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic and the wider Southern Hemisphere during the past 2000 years.

A kick-off workshop is planned at the POLAR2018 conference in June 2018 to engage members of the community from a wide range of disciplines (ice cores, terrestrial, marine and modeling) to share ideas and propose activitites for the CLIVASH2K working group. The 2-day workshop in Cambridge will then provide an opportunity to develop these ideas in more detail with the aim of producing tangible results; including assigning project leaders and initiating synthesis products to be completed during the following year.

Key speakers/participants

- Barbara Stenni (Venice, Italy)
- Brooke Medley (NASA, USA)
- Zicheng Yu (Lehigh, USA)
- Bianca Perren (UK/Swiss)


The aim of the meeting is to generate synthesis publications relating to climate variability in the Southern Hemisphere. The workshop in Davos will initiate the process and identify working group leaders. Thus the meeting in Cambridge will provide more in depth discussion time and an opportunity to start the synthesis publications (to be completed during 2019).


Registration closes 17 August:

This also includes a section about financial support (see below).

Financial support

Limited funding has been provided by PAGES for the attendance of some early-career researchers. When registering, please write a brief summary of how your research fits with the CLIVASH2K goals and an estimate of costs.

Deadline for financial support requests is 3 August.


Plans are underway to reserve rooms at one of the university colleges. More information will be provided as soon as possible.

Further information

Contact workshop organizer Liz Thomas: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.