Data Stewardship Scholarship

The next deadline for applications for a data stewardship stipend is Monday 12 April 2021.

This proposal form is only for officially approved PAGES working groups.


PAGES announces a new annual stipend/scholarship for data stewardship, available to PAGES working groups to help collate and safely store valuable research data.

> Find out more and learn all about the scholarship here.


Please read the guidelines below before submitting the application (the form is below).

- This PAGES support is specifically dedicated to data stewardship and may not be used for other purposes.
- Only current PAGES-supported working groups (WGs) and those that have recently sunsetted can apply for this support.
- Funds will be allocated as a stipend from PAGES to the data steward on an annual basis.
- The WG annual report must include a detailed update on the data stewardship activity.
- All products resulting from the data stewardship stipend must acknowledge PAGES.
- An electronic copy of all products, or any partially completed products, should be emailed to the PAGES IPO.
- Proposals must be submitted online. The call for proposals will be announced twice per year but, at most, only one proposal per year per working group will be funded.
- You must contact your PAGES Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) liaison to discuss your plans at least two weeks before submitting your proposal.
- The call has the same deadline as the call for workshop financial support and new working groups.
- Annual support of US $5000 to US $15,000 could be allocated to each working group.

*Please note: This form will time-out after 2 hours. To avoid loss of data, prepare your proposal offline using this template (MS Word) and then copy-paste text blocks into the form.​*


Any questions should be sent to the PAGES IPO:

Or contact your working group SSC liaison.

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