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web-Pingualuit-Crater-Lake summer Photo-creditR.-Frechette

Pingualuit Crater Lake, Rivière-Koksoak, Quebec, Canada in summer 2007. (Credit: R. Frechette)

NorthAmerica2k is part of the PAGES 2k Network under Focus 2: Regional Climate Dynamics for the last two millennia.

It comprises of a group of climate and paleoclimate experts entrusted to carry out the task of producing a high-resolution (at least decadal time scale) reconstruction of the key North American climate system components.


NAmerica2k's objectives include:

1. Identification of the key paleoclimate time series available.

2. Spatiotemporal reconstructions of key climatic parameters: surface air temperature, precipitation, sea surface temperature, air pressure (surface, 500 hPa).

3. Validation of reconstructions through statistical methods; comparison with climate model simulations.

4. Climate model simulations High resolution, global models representing continental climate of the: PMIP simulations at the continental scale and simulations with regional models.

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