Five new PALSEA papers

WGLogoPALSEAPAGES' PALeo constraints on SEA level rise (PALSEA) working group has been busy of late, with two new papers published today and another three in recent weeks.

Journal articles:

Yucheng Lin et al. acknowledge PALSEA in the Nature Communications paper, published today, A reconciled solution of Meltwater Pulse 1A sources using sea-level fingerprinting.

Jennifer Walker et al. acknowledge PALSEA in another recent Nature Communications paper Common Era sea-level budgets along the U.S. Atlantic coast.

Juliet Sefton and Sarah Woodroffe published Assessing the use of mangrove pollen as a quantitative sea‐level indicator on Mahé, Seychelles in Journal of Quaternary Science.

Special issue articles:

PALSEA's Earth System Science Data special issue: "WALIS - the World Atlas of Last Interglacial Shorelines" has two new published papers:

Andrew Cooper and Andrew Green published A standardized database of Marine Isotope Stage 5e sea-level proxies in southern Africa (Angola, Namibia and South Africa). It's the second accepted paper in the special issue.

The third paper, published today by Alexander Simms, Last interglacial sea levels within the Gulf of Mexico and northwestern Caribbean Sea, uses data compiled in WALIS, the sea-level database interface developed in collaboration with PALSEA.

Access the other published paper and comment on articles currently open for discussion in the PALSEA special issue.

To access the full list of PALSEA publications, in lead-author alphabetical order, click the group logo above (Please note: the list is long and may take a little while to upload completely).