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IHOPE Research Plan
Science plans
Hibbard KA, Costanza R, Crumley C, van der Leeuw S, Aulenbach S, Dearing J, Morais J, Steffen W & Ya... Global Change 2010
IMAGES(2) Science Plan for 2013-2023
Science plans
IMAGES(2) 2013
CO2 record from Taylor Dome Antarctica
PowerPoint slides
Indermühle et al. 1999
Editors Choice - Climate Science: Refreshing CLIMAP
Articles & flyers
Jesse Smith H Science Magazine 2009
Paleoclimate Modeling - precipitation over Africa
PowerPoint slides
Joussaume et al. 1999
Paleoclimate modeling - Paleoclimate Modeling Intercomparison Project (PMIP)
PowerPoint slides
Joussaume S, Taylor K et al. 1998
A regional view of global climate change
Articles & flyers
Kaufman D, McKay N, Kiefer T & von Gunten L Global Change 2013
PAGES science contributions to the IPCC AR5 - 2009
Posters & presentations
Kiefer T, Wanner H, Otto-Bliesner B, Solomina O & Newman L... 2009
Climate Change: Experts Urge Speedup to Mine 'Archives'
Articles & flyers
Koening R Science 2001
Climate-driven ecosystem succession in the Sahara: The past 6000 years
PowerPoint slides
Kröpelin et al. 2008
Climate-driven ecosystem succession in the Sahara: The past 6000 years (Figure 2)
PowerPoint slides
Kröpelin et al. 2008
Past Ecosystem Processes and Human-Environment Interactions (Focus 5) - 2005
Posters & presentations
Larocque I 2005
Long-term environmental changes in a tropical rainforest
PowerPoint slides
Ledru MP et al. 2009
Information sheet: Earth System Models
Posters & presentations
Lohmann G, Schulz M & Otto-Bliesner B 2008
The Holocene Asian monsoon: The Duowa, western Chinese Loess Plateau record
PowerPoint slides
Maher BA and Hu M 2006
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