Special issues

Special issues (and all of the articles) emerging from PAGES groups, projects, or meetings. Only special issues acknowleding PAGES or the Working Group are listed.

Special issues emerging from PAGES activities.
Individual articles within the special issues.
Name Author Journal Year Image
Lake levels and sedimentary environments during deposition of the Trego Hot Springs and Wono tephras in the Lake Lahontan basin, Nevada, USA
Special issue articles
Adams KD Quaternary Research 2010
Gas diffusivity and permeability through the firn column at Summit, Greenland: measurements and comparison to microstructural properties
Special issue articles
Adolph AC & Albert MR The Cryosphere 2014
Thermokarst dynamics in Western Siberia: insights from dendrochronological research
Special issue articles
Agafonov L, Strunk H & Nuber T Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 2004
Pleistocene fluvial catastrophes in now arid NW areas of Mongolian Inland drainage basin
Special issue articles
Agatova AR & Nepop RK Global and Planetary Change 2019
Guest Editorial: West African paleoecology and human responses: West African Quaternary Research Association (WAQUA)
Special issue articles
Akaegbobi IM Quaternary International 2012
Taphonomy of phytoliths and macroplants in different soils from Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania) and the application to Plio-Pleistocene palaeoanthropological samples
Special issue articles
Albert RM, Bamford MK & Cabanes D Quaternary International 2006
Reconstruction of ancient palm vegetation landscapes using a phytolith approach
Special issue articles
Albert RM, Bamford MK & Esteban I Quaternary International 2015
Flood occurrence change-point analysis in the paleoflood record from Lake Mondsee (NE Alps)
Special issue articles
Albrecher H, Bladt M, Kortschak D, Prettenthaler F & Swierczynski T... Global and Planetary Change 2019
The North Taymyr ice-marginal zone, Arctic Siberia—a preliminary overview and dating
Special issue articles
Alexanderson H, Hjort C, Möller P, Antonov O & Pavlov M... Global and Planetary Change 2001
Malacological Sequence from Profile of Calcareous Tufa in Groń (Podhale Basin, Southern Poland) as an Indicator of the Late Glacial/Holocene Boundary
Special issue articles
Alexandrowicz WP Quaternary International 2013
Deciphering the impact of change on the driftwood cycle: contribution to the study of human use of wood in the Arctic
Special issue articles
Alix C Global and Planetary Change 2005
The Younger Dryas cold interval as viewed from central Greenland
Special issue articles
Alley RB Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
A northern lead in the orbital band: north–south phasing of Ice-Age events
Special issue articles
Alley RB, Brook EJ & Anandakrishnan S Quaternary Science Reviews 2002
Foreword - 5th International conference on the cenozoic evolution of the Asia-Pacific environment
Special issue articles
Alverson K Quaternary International 2004
PAGES — Past Global Changes and their Significance for the Future: An Introduction
Special issue articles
Alverson K & Oldfield F Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
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